Logistics Services

AEXGroup has a 35-year history working with retailers, e-commerce brands, and distributors around the world. Our services include last-mile delivery, courier solutions, fleet logistics, and critical delivery for material that is time-sensitive or confidential. We have a presence in every major industry in the United States, partnering with some of the best known brands in finance, pharmaceutical, convenience, C-store, and more.

Our distribution center (DC) expertise has created a streamlined last-mile process that reduces time and costs associated with pick-and-pack operations. Our fleet of couriers make 10,000 stops per day and across a large, national footprint. Our technology offers complete visibility of the supply chain, including track and trace technology and signed POD’s for shipments. All said, AEX Group is a comprehensive solution for your transportation and delivery needs.

Last-Mile Delivery

No other phase of the logistics chain has a bigger impact on the customer experience than the final mile. With over 10,000 deliveries a day, it’s easy to see that many companies have come to trust AEX with their shipments and their brand.

We deliver for retailers, e-commerce brands, transportation companies, and direct-to-home distributors. Our last-mile network is extensive – chances are we are making deliveries to your customers already, or are delivering right next door.

Courier services

Courier services are especially critical for companies with a large infrastructure, or network of locations. We’ve created a solution for these companies that is flexible, efficient, and secure. Maybe you only require delivery on certain days of the week, or need better technology to support mail-rooms and inter-office material. Maybe you need signed POD's on certain shipments. Either way, we've got you covered.

Our courier services are extremely efficient as well, and help reduce major line items that contribute to overhead. Put simply, you can do more, and it costs less.

Critical logistics

For products that require more control and care, we provide critical delivery services that offer an extra layer of security, visibility, and sensitivity.

That means are drivers are background checked by rigorous standards, our security and compliance standards are always the best in the industry, and our shipments are GPS tracked.

Looking for THE RIGHT solution?

Our expertise can help you in your search. Whether you’re in the RFP process, expanding into a new market, or looking to better integrate vendors into your network, our logistics specialists can help. We'll do an analysis of your current logistics framework, provide insight into the best steps to take, and get you moving in the right direction.