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How Logistics Transformed Everything

September 1, 2015
Q: One obvious change in world of banking logistics has been the implementation of branch image-capture and a reduced need to transport checks. How has AEXGroup adapted to that change and what logistical needs do banks value now? JD: We’ve been working with banks since the 80’s, so we’re used to change. One thing we’ve learned is to be flexible and

The Model: What’s Important in Last-Mile

August 30, 2015
Last-mile delivery comes in a hundred different shapes and sizes, and to assume that there is a one-size-fits-all solution for every organization is simply assuming too much. That said, we’ve built a long history on a foundation of three aspects of the business: customer service, technology, and integration. Technology and integration really go hand-in-hand in

What to Look For in a Delivery Network

June 18, 2015
What do you look for in a delivery network? Below are the four aspects of a network that should be top of mind when considering where you deliver, and who you work with: • How Big is the Network Its obvious to always consider how large the network is. Working with a single provider who

Overhead is Slowing You Down

June 15, 2015
Overhead slows you down, but it would be unrealistic for a logistics provider to claim that they would always be better than a company’s private fleet, mainly because there are too many variables to claim that absolutely. However, there are certain types of companies that should definitely not own a fleet of couriers, and here