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North Carolina, Here We Come!

JD Gamble
March 9, 2021
3 min read
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We are excited to announce the expansion of our network into North Carolina with the opening of our latest distribution center in the great city of Charlotte, NC. This latest move is in line with our aggressive network expansion and development within the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic markets, providing quality distribution and expanding the reach for our shipping partners. Charlotte is one of the fastest growing markets in the US, and will play a key role in our overall growth strategy.

Above all, I want to thank the tremendous people who make up our team at AEX. This is our seventh opening over the last 24 months, and we're proud of our people.

300+ Zip Codes & 18,000 Square Feet

"Our 13th depot is the next logical step as we expand our network to meet increased demand."

– Gina Kremper, VP of Operations

Why Charlotte?

AEX Logistics has been operating in the Northeast for over three decades, but our gradual expansion has pushed into the Carolinas. With the opening of our Charlotte hub, we'll offer an additional 300 zip codes to our customers, and streamlined service for same-day and next-day delivery.

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