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About AEX

Flexible Logistics Solutions Built for Today

AEX has been delivering industry-leading logistics solutions since 1982. Since our founding, our top priority has always been care. We treat our customer’s brands like our own. That means we provide best-in-class technology solutions, create exceptional delivery experiences, and stay human.

This may look like an industry of box trucks and totes, but it’s all about people.

Industry Leading
See why major companies choose to partner with us.

Built for Today’s Logistics


Our network spans the Mid-Atlantic, boasting 500+ drivers across 11 states and thousands of zip codes. With coverage like this, we’re able to offer final mile solutions for residential and commercial delivery alike, along with critical logistics services like same-day and overnight delivery.


Our proprietary software, AEXTrack, offers track and trace capabilities, full visibility of your network, and detailed reporting and analytics. With AEXTrack, you can quickly and easily find a delivery, view reports on OTP and overages, or analyze your network. But don’t worry, you can always get a live person on the phone too.


It’s impossible for major national carriers to offer the flexibility that most businesses need to succeed. But when you partner with us, you get flexible pickup/drop-off times, customizable delivery experiences, and tracking visibility that fits your business.


In our 40-year history, we’ve not only watched an industry evolve –– we’ve led the change. Our innovations in track/trace, security, endpoint consolidation, and collaboration with our clients have earned us a reputation as an industry leader. We’re ready for today, and preparing for tomorrow.


We Live for This


Treat your customer’s brand as if it was your own.


Better logistics is smarter logistics. Never settle.


Everyone should feel valued and useful in the workplace.


Partner with your customers and keep communication open.


Always do the right thing
for your customers, workforce, and community.


If we don’t care about what we do, why would anyone else?


Leadership Team

Kim Ksionska
Kim Ksionska
Senior Director of Customer Service

Kim brings 20+ years of experience to the management of our delivery network. The result: a 99.2% OTP and a dozen awards.

Nick Romano
Nick Romano
Senior Vice President, Technology

Nick believes the real evolution in logistics is in technology. He keeps us focused on innovative solutions, seamless integrations, and analytics that can change the future.

Joshua Gamble
Joshua Gamble
Vice President, Sales and Marketing

“Lead the pack.” That’s what Josh is always telling us. We don’t just move ourselves forward, we push the entire industry to be better.


What Our Team is Saying

We create relationships, provide growth, and offer opportunities for our team to succeed.


Dispatcher, Roanoke VA

I didn’t know what to expect when I came to work for AEX, what I found here is competitive and more than fair compensation for my position while working for a company that I feel values my opinion and cares about me as an employee as well as a person .


Customer Service Representative

One word sums up my time and experience at AEXGroup, refreshing. I am finally able to say I love what I do and love my team. With many hours spent working it is vital to have a place that is welcoming and one that presents a challenge. I have found a gem in AEXGroup.


Operations Manager, Roanoke, VA

Here you are a person who is valued and fully supported for your ideas and acknowledged for your accomplishments, the support system within the company is amazing as all levels of the company work together as a unit towards the company goals.


Operations Manager, Roanoke, VA

This company really cares about their employees and they are able to demonstrate that every day. AEXGroup believes in a culture that delivers customer satisfaction and this satisfaction is apparent in how well they treat their employees. If you need them, AEXGroup will be there.


Adapting with the Industry

Since 1982, we’ve specialized in last-mile delivery and managed logistics for some of the best brands in the world. Today, our 13 HUBS deliver to tens of thousands of endpoints throughout the Eastern Seaboard––the most densely populated and challenging area in the United States. Utilizing our 100+ years of combined management experience, along with our corporate services capability, we deliver a complete transportation management solution for any-sized business.

We’re a first-mover in technology, and always will be. For two decades, we’ve deeply invested in the full visibility of last-mile delivery experiences, platforming our network through AEXTrack® and giving our customers on-demand information on their supply chain.

We do the right thing. Always. Since our inception, we’ve led the industry with rigorous safety standards and award-winning compliance models. Our commitment to shared values acts like our internal compass guiding us to make the best decisions in collaboration with our clients. Whether it’s supply chain integrity, security & compliance, or safe, reliable, and consistent quality service, all are vital to delivering the best customer experience which is driven by our customer-centric culture.

And we care. We began in a single-family home, and that identity has stayed with us even as our team grew into the hundreds. At AEX you can always get a live person on the phone, 24/7/365. We continue to rise to whatever challenges our customers face by utilizing our customer-integrated management tools, online tracking/management systems, EDI capability, and our proven track record of success across diverse industries.

Lastly, we’re deeply invested in our team. Most of our top leaders have been with us for 15+ years (and counting). It’s one of the things we’re most proud of.

And we’re just getting started.


What Makes
AEX Different

Our  AEXTrack® technology is your solution to supply chain visibility. AEXTrack offers track & trace, detailed reporting, and the ability to track KPIs.