About Us

We service over 10,000 locations a day through a network of 9 regional distribution centers and 450 DSP’s operating across 14 states in the Mid-Atlantic. Complex? Yes. But our business is not about the numbers, it is about the customer experience. How do we onboard and integrate new partners successfully? What are the best ways to communicate with customers? How can we improve our customers' brand image? These are the kinds of things we’re constantly refining to serve you better.

Since 1982, we’ve been facilitating last mile delivery at its best. Our technology is cutting-edge, our service is award-winning, and our people care. This is an industry full of boxes and totes, it's the people behind it that matter the most. Take a look at our leadership below to get to know us better.

Jd Gamble

President & CEO

“A logistics company is only as good as its people.” That was JD’s thinking when he founded AEXGroup over 35 years ago, and it’s even more true today. He’s always kept AEX customer-focused, and pushed us toward innovative solutions to today's challenges.

Nick Romano

SVP of Technology

“The real evolution in logistics is in technology.” That’s the thinking that Nick brings to AEX, and the industry as a whole. He’s provided integration and technology solutions for brands of all styles and sizes, and he's just getting started.

Andrew Carlin

Executive Vice President

“We've created a culture of ownership, and I think that's what sets us apart.” That's Andrew's explanation for why the staff at AEX has been so good at tackling complex problems and earning trust.

Gina Kremper

VP of Operations

“With the right systems, everyone wins.” That’s what Gina says logistics is all about, and she proves it everyday as she manages a complex delivery network that is always evolving. We never rest – we're always looking for a better system.

Joshua Gamble

VP of Logistics Services

“Lead the pack.” That's what Josh is always telling us, and it's a big reason we've become such an innovative logistics company. We don't just move ourselves forward, we push the entire industry towards better technology, better security, and better service.


Technology is revolutionizing the supply chain, and AEXGroup is at the forefront of the revolution. Our platform, AEXtrack™, provides our customers with complete visibility of the delivery network, as well as track and trace solutions for every shipment. There’s no reason to settle for an outdated logistics model, so talk to us today.